About SMM

About SMM: Commercial Modular Buildings Experts

Sustainable Modular Management, Inc. (SMM) is a commercial modular building business providing small and medium-sized businesses with modular buildings and related services with more than 35 years of experience. We pre-fabricate three dimensional modular units at controlled-environment manufacturing facilities, deliver and install the units to form a cohesive building. We offer a fast, cost effective, and sustainable approach to providing commercial office, educational, medical and governmental buildings. (View our available floor plans)
We provide all aspects of the process including modular design, project management, modular manufacturing, delivery, installation, site construction, building maintenance and facilities management, operating and capital leasing, etc.

The Benefits of Commercial Modular Buildings:

The advantages of going modular are endless. From saving money and time to unlimited design options, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied. Commercial modular construction has helped numerous businesses, schools, local, state and federal government agencies in times of disaster. SMM can help you too!
FAST — in many cases, we can provide a completed structure within 30 to 60 days. Many elements are pre-engineered; therefore, design time is significantly reduced as well.
COST EFFECTIVE — SMM combines the advantages of efficient, pre-fabricated construction with innovative financial options (operating and capital lease programs) to provide its customers high value, cost-effective ways to meet their facility requirements. We also offer used modular buildings as a way to help you save!
SOLUTIONS THAT MEET NEEDS — we offer modular buildings and related services as solutions that meet particular needs:
TEMPORARY — “swing space,” can temporarily house personnel while an existing facility is being renovated or repaired.
INTERIM — buildings for special corporate training purposes, to address sudden workforce additions, and to deal with enrollment spikes in education.
PERMANENT — faster, more affordable alternative construction option versus conventional methods to accommodate permanent facility requirements. Buildings can be single or multi-story.
DISASTER RESPONSE — rapid assistance to communities, relief organizations, and individuals following major disasters. SMM has facilitated the rapid deployment of complete school campuses, medical facilities, offices, and other key infrastructure to restore operations and get people back to a sense of normalcy following disasters.

Commercial modular building construction is extremely versatile. Typical projects include:

Portable Classrooms
Permanent and Semi-Permanent Facilities
Day Care Centers, Head-Start and WIC Facilities
Cafeterias and Dining Facilities
Administrative Offices
Walk-in Clinics
MRI, Cat Scan, X-ray Facilities
Dental Clinics
Vet Clinics & Animal Care Facilities
Veterans Administration Offices, Clinics, & Labs
Border Patrol Stations, Holding Cells & Checkpoints
Military Facilities: Barracks, Company Operations Facilities, Battalion HQs

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