Evans Army Hospital Custom Modular Construction

SMM won a $910,325 contract for a 10,200 SF Physical Therapy and Administration Building Swing Space.  SMM contracted with the a major local General Contractor who was performing major renovation work at an Army hospital in Fort Carson, CO. The Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District oversaw all aspects of this project.  Patients and hospital staff were moved into this building while the local General Contractor was renovating portions of the hospital.

Building Features include:

  • Parapet Roof
  • 480 V Roof Top HVAC’s
  • Sustainable, energy efficient materials used throughout
  • Emergency Power
  • Fire Protection (Alarms and Sprinklers)

Now that the renovations are complete, the Army uses this modular building as a permanent addition to the hospital.

Project Challenges

– 100 day schedule
– Three different electrical voltages (208,V 277V & 480V)
– Site Grade complications
– Adjacently of Modular Building to Main Entrance of the Main hospital


"Bryan Construction would like to thank SMM, its employees and sub contractors for all of their hard work and professionalism in helping Bryan Construction meet two major milestones: 1) Meet a very aggressive 100 day schedule. 2) Helping insure a Safety Record of 100 days without a lost day or recordable accident!” - Steve Grigio, Bryan Construction Superintendent on May 19, 2009

Floor Plans

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