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Mexico 59 School District Athletic Field Press Box

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SMM Designs and Installs Custom Press Box

The Mexico 59 School District needed a new press box for their athletic field that allowed for maximum visibility. SMM worked with the school district to develop and install a turnkey solution. The modular building press box was designed as a two-level structure and installed on an elevated metal frame to maximize visibility and accessibility.

SMM constructed and installed the modular facility comprised of two modular units, each measuring 8’x 50’. The facility included a large number of storefront windows for maximum visibility of the entire athletic field space. The building was set on a large metal framework that elevated the 2-story structure above the stadium seating. SMM’s turnkey solution included the design, manufacture, delivery, and installation of the athletic press box.

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SMM offers discounted previously leased modular buildings for a quick and affordable solution.

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