Sustainable Services

SMM provides a wide range of services. We assist clients with specific work elements or provide complete Turn-Key, Design-Build Construction Management Services.

Our professionals stay with you from project concept through to completion. Our involvement can include financing, leasing, facility maintenance and management after you move in.

Design and Planning Services

SMM Professionals assist clients with Programming a single project or a series of project requirements.  We can assist and coordinate the planning process to the extent required:

  • Conceptual Development
  • Project Planning and Programming
  • Coordination of Project Design – Environmental Reporting, Site Planning, Foundation Design, Modular Building Design and Certifications, Other Building Planning requirements
  • Consulting Services that include: Submittal Preparation for customer information and approvals, contractor bids, zoning approval requests and building permits, establishing cost budget, assisting with preparation of Request for Proposals to meet appropriate laws and regulations, etc.
  • Programming Sustainable, “Green” Design
  • Calculate points for “LEED Certification”
  • Facility Management, Maintenance and Warranty

Site Development and Preparation

SMM can assist customers with site development and preparation.

  • Site planning and design
  • Site Development – Vehicle and Pedestrian entries, egress and parking, site utilities, site drainage and retention, etc.
  • Landscaping to meet local building department and LEED Certification requirements.
  • Manage Construction of Site Development Improvements

Project Management

SMM manages Turn-Key Projects or specific modular elements of a project.

  • Project Scheduling
  • Coordination and Preparation of Submittal Approvals
  • Safety Program Management
  • Site Layout and Site Preparation
  • Site Supervision and Coordination
  • Coordination of Modular Sections Deliveries, Staging and Positioning
  • Building Erection and Installation Management & Supervision
  • Management of Building Completion and Utility Connections
  • Quality Assurance and Control – In-Plant and On-Site
  • Management of Project Completion and Close-out

Production Services

SMM is affiliated with a number of high quality wholesale modular manufacturers across the US.  Our long term relationship with these builders allows us to insure our clients receive the highest value and quality building.

  • SMM utilizes the most appropriate manufacturing facility to meet our client’s requirements.
  • Large number of affiliated manufacturing facilities, throughout the US, insures lower delivery costs and less impact from carbon emissions associated with transporting materials.
  • SMM professionals inspect buildings during production and prior to delivery in accordance with SMM’s Quality Assurance Program

Building Installation and Site Construction

SMM coordinates delivery, installation and completion of modular sections on the at the project site.

  • Foundation work is provided while the modular building sections are being manufactured.
  • SMM coordinates Delivery of modular sections from the manufacturing facility to the project site.
  • Modular sections are installed by specialized modular Installation crews with considerable experience.
  • Cranes and rigging is provided when required.
  • Local trade sub contractors are employed to complete utility connections (electrical, mechanical, etc.), interior and exterior finishes, voice and data wiring and devices, installation of fire alarm equipment and other construction that cannot be completed in-plant.


SMM provides clients with many creative solutions and financial options

  • Outright Purchase – Customer purchases the modular building for a specific price under agreed upon payment terms.
  • Financing Options for Sales – Customer purchases the modular building for a specific price under extended, financed payment terms.
  • Operating Leases – Customer leases the modular building for a minimum lease term and then returns the building to SMM, renews the lease or purchases the building at fair market value.
  • Capital Leases – Customer leases the modular building for a specific lease term (typically up to 7 years) and then has an option to purchase the building for a very small amount. Under this lease, SMM transfers title to the building when all of the lease payments and agreed upon purchase option price is paid in full.