SMM completed this work on schedule, on budget and with zero injuries...

I am writing to commend Sustainable Modular Management, Inc. (SMM) on its execution of the transitional swing space for the Shira Dental Clinic. SMM successfully executed this high profile, mission critical project under challenging conditions and in a highly compressed timeframe.

SMM effectively partnered with us and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. SMM’s clear communication with all of the parties involved and its proactive planning allowed SMM to meet tight schedule demands and comply with all of the regulatory requirements regarding dental clinics within
the Department of Defense.

SMM’s project management team was responsive to customer expectations and overcame the challenges presented by the project in creative ways. During the design phase SMM’s engineers were heavily involved and provided cost saving idea and methods for the construction of the swing space that also allowed the buildings to be installed quicker by reducing the amount of finish-out required on site. One of the challenges SMM faced was installing the modular building at a lower elevation than surrounding structures and terrain. By carefully inspecting the site and determine the best access points for the modular’s, SMM was able to effectively stall the buildings with no loss of time or increase in cost.

SMM completed this work on schedule, on budget and with zero injuries. I was very impressed by the “can-do” attitude exemplified by your staff and their ability to adapt to the challenges this project presented.