Why Did God Change the Law

Dear Michael: Sorry for the long delay. I had a lot on my plate and it seemed like the “write a comment” feature was disabled, so I couldn`t figure out how to respond. Anyway, in response. As for the simple difference that the particular article makes, I would say that THE LAW refers to the biblical law, especially that of Moses, while the LAW is basically the principle of the law in general, that is, against anarchy. I get that from John Piper somewhere. See also similar definitions of Strong and Thayer for G3551. If you look for νόμος nomos G3551 in Strong`s definition: From a primary word νέμω nemō (distribute, especially food or pasture to animals); [parentheses #s are given to match Thayer`s definition] [1b] Law (through the idea of a prescriptive use), general (regulation), specifically (of Moses [including the volume]; also of the Gospel), [1a] or figuratively (a principle): – Law. Total number of incidents KJV: 197 Thayer Definition: Part of speech: male noun 1) everything that is established by usage, everything that is obtained by usage, custom, law, commandment 1a) a law of any kind 1a1) a law or rule that produces a state recognized by God 1a1a) by the observance of which is approved by God 1a2) a commandment or order 1a3) the rule of action prescribed in reason 1b) of the Mosaic Law, and refers to context. either on the scope of the law, or on its content 1c) the Christian religion: the law that requires faith, the moral instruction given by Christ, especially the commandment of love 1d) the name of the most important part (the Pentateuch), is used for the entire collection of holy books of the OT, which I mentioned earlier (20210916) the important question of anarthrous nomos in relation to nomos arthrous; I am in the process of listing all the occurrences in the original, as opposed to how the translations treat it well or badly.

It is ironic that although I am only a janitor with 5 years of Bible school and a few in seminary, God has given me an insight that many seminarians lack. But another thing that is at least as much and really much more important is the Hebrews. …), that is, Jesus HAS FULFILLED and THUS ABOLISHED THE LAW IN HIMSELF since, when Almighty God, the Supreme Lawgiver, changed the priesthood from Levi to Judah, a crucial issue that almost everyone foolishly ignores. Thus, when a contract or covenant is fulfilled, that fulfillment renders it null and void and ineffective once its conditions have been met, which was and did Jesus 1 John 2:2 ἱλασμός G2434 (Thayer will correct the Atonement against Strong`s erroneous Atonement). (Asv and He is the Atonement [= more satisfying wrath] for our sins; and not only for our own, but also for the whole world.) Since this topic is really too big to be covered within the confines of a simple blog, you can also write to me at russedav at bex dot net if you wish. I really hope you read Owen`s amazing Hebrew commentary. Also his deeply biblical “murder of sin in the believer” and “the nature, power, deception and supremacy of the remnants of sin among believers” @ ccel.org. God bless you, Russ Davis As soon as I was saved, I became dead for the law if I had ever been under the law, which I had not done because I am not Jewish. No, the law is not for Christians. The Holy Spirit is for Christians. Will the Holy Ghost make us contradict the 10 commandments? Yes, every day is sacred to me now, not just the Sabbath (Saturday). Look, most of the laws, not just the 10 Commandments, had great worldly scientific support behind their observance.

But Paul tells those who try to keep the law that if you break a law, you are to blame for everything. Can we save murderers, adulterers, liars and thieves? Yes, they can. Therefore, the law is no longer applicable to Christians, because we died with Christ and are free from the law. Jesus is right, He did not take away the law, He took us away, or at least saved the Jews from the punishment of the law. So why do we have confusion?? Because the law makes sense. Of course, this makes sense because it was given by God and is a legitimate roadmap for living a life without consequences. But when you are saved, you will be sealed with His Spirit and kept in salvation. Does this mean that we will then throw the Old Testament overboard? No, certainly not.

A function of the mind is to lead us to the whole truth. Now, when we read the scriptures, we do not read them to see what laws we must obey. We read it to learn more about God`s character. When you read the Bible, you see everywhere what God approves of and what He does not approve of. .