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Upper School Building

40,320-square-feet Upper School Building has all of the areas typically incorporated into a school building such as a variety of classrooms, labs, a fine arts area, administrative offices, band/choral facilities, restroom and locker facilities and other areas supporting school operations.

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40,320 Square Feet
Hardie Siding
VCG Walls
VCT Floors/Carpeting
36″ x 6′-8″ Exterior Steel Doors
36″ x 6′-8″ Interior Wood Door
36″ x 48″ Vertical Sliding Windows

Large Classrooms
Administrative Offices
School Labs
Band Room
Choir Room
Fine Arts Classroom
Boy’s and Girl’s Restroom Facilities with all Fixtures Installed
Locker/Shower Rooms
Storage Spaces
Mechanical Room
Communications Room

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