Assistant Project Manager


  1. Must have a high school diploma or GED at a minimum.
  2. Previous experience in project management or similar role.
  3. Experience in the management of quality control and quality assurance is a plus.
  4. 1-3 years of commercial construction industry experience is preferred.
  5. Must have knowledge and understanding of construction blueprints.
  6. Basic understanding and interpretation of any of the following building codes is a plus.
    a. International Building Code (IBC)
    b. International Plumbing Code (IPC)
    c. International Mechanical Code (IMC)
    d. National Electric Code (NEC)
    e. International Energy Conversation Code (IECC)
    f. NFPA 101 and ADA/ABAA codes
    g. NFPA 72 – Fire Alarm Systems
    h. NFPA 13 – Fire Sprinkler Systems


  1. Fluent in Microsoft Office programs. I.e., Excel, Word, Project, etc.
  2. Experience with project management software is a plus.
  3. Highly organized and ability to multitask.
  4. Strong attention to detail.
  5. Excellent communication skills; listening, comprehension, and feedback.
  6. Must be a self-motivator with a strong work ethic.
  7. Effective time management skills.
  8. Critical thinker, innovator, and ability to solve challenging technical problems.

Responsibilities and Roles:

  1. Work alongside the Project Manager to plan, coordinate, and execute the different and varying aspects of a project.
  2. Analyze and identify project requirements in contractual documentation and ensure the project fulfills the applicable requirements.
  3. Assist in review and development of project specific QAQC Plans to ensure contract requirements are met.
  4. Manage, track, update, and maintain project specific QAQC Plan schedule and logs in coordination with the onsite project Superintendent.
  5. Provide weekly QAQC program updates to internal and client management teams.
  6. Assist in review of project specifications and the development of construction submittals as required.
  7. Initiate, prepare, review, track, and distribute RFIs.
  8. Assist Project Manager in developing and managing the project construction schedule
  9. Manage and track any material deliveries.
  10. Assist the development and maintenance of project specific Site Logistics Plans in coordination with Project Manager
  11. Assist the development and maintenance of project specific Safety Plans in coordination with Project Manager.
  12. Assist in developing and submitting project close-out documents to the client’s management team.
  13. Assist in preparation of scope of work statements for subcontractor bidding.
  14. Work alongside Project Manager to ensure project budgets are maintained.
  15. Other duties as assigned by the Project Manager and Vice President of Operations.


Willingness to travel when necessary.



To apply, please fill out application and email to Ashley Stroud at