Modular Construction Services

Field and Rental Services

SMM offers a host of dependable field and rental services for a range of industries, including oil & gas, construction, and other related businesses. Best of all, we offer it with industry-leading dedication to ensuring your equipment is there when you start, running perfectly when you’re there, and gone when you’re done.

We also have the offerings and experience to get you exactly what you need to make sure you’re job is getting done without paying for more than you need.

SMM offers:

  • Portable Restrooms

We offer a full-range of clean portable restroom rental solutions tailored to exactly your needs along with routine, dependable cleaning services.

  • Porta Potty Combos (PP Combo)

Our trash trailer has two portable restrooms mounted for convenience, space efficiency, and safety. Like all our portable restroom offerings, we also provide ongoing cleaning services that never leaves a spot unnoticed.

  • Handwash Stations

Our hand-washing stands help keep your site sanitary from start to finish. All our stands meet OSHA requirements and come ready to go. All you need is water.

  • Roll-Off Containers

Regardless of your job, we have a full range of roll-off containers that can meet your needs, from one-off runs to robust, ongoing operations.

  • Water & Septic Systems

We accurately scope out and deliver the water and septic systems you need to maintain a safe, clean, and sanitary work environment.

  • Modular Office Trailers

We are leaders in the modular space and our modular office trailers are a reflection of that. We offer a full range of sizes to meet your needs and each unit is made with quality materials.

  • Modular Building/Crew Quarter/Man Camp renovations, repairs, and call-out services

Our experienced, skilled team is at the ready to build out or repair your modular build at a moments notice.

  • Solar Light Towers

Bring light and energy to wherever you are. SMM provides clean, renewable energy that is readily available and convenient. Each tower is emissions-free, dependable, and features a programmable timer with performance monitoring. More importantly, our components are high-quality, USA-made chargers, solar panels, batteries, and receptacles.

Our solar towers are equipped with high-performance, maximum-efficiency, silent-running LEDs feature:

A 50,000+ hour lifespan (5x longer than metal halide)
Vibration and impact resistance
Cooler running temperatures
No lead or mercury toxins
No Refueling costs
A bright light that maintains consistent color over time
Instant timer-controlled on/off function
No flickering or warm-up/cool-down delays

Additionally, our team is:
* ISN enrolled
* DISA testing
* Employees are Safety Certified
* Experience with varied energy-related type sites
* Provides ongoing service and maintenance

Fill out our Quote form or call Bryan Arnold at (423) 425-1661 to find out how we can help you.

SMM offers discounted previously leased modular buildings for a quick and affordable solution. If buying a portable building outright at this time isn’t feasible, the solution could be renting a portable building. With renting, you have the opportunity of finding an affordable modular building that fits your needs and budget. Renting quality portable buildings can be a wise choice for business owners, contractors, homeowners and municipalities.

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